About SpiiderGriip®

Our story starts in the restroom…

…of a A New York City restaurant in the year 2017. On that fateful night, my business partner witnessed a man drop his phone in the one place that you never want to drop your phone.

After leaving that tragic scene, he called me at home in Charlotte, N.C. With that, the idea was born to invent a premium product that prevented dropped phones.  

After massive amounts of research and product development, that idea has evolved into SpiiderGriip ®. In our effort to provide ultimate security and maximum comfort for smartphone users, we’ve created the one-stop-shop of cell phone accessories.

SpiiderGriip® secures the phone to your hand, allows you to take the best selfie ever by rotating 360 degrees, props up perfectly, and lays flat when not in use. (It even allows for the use of both hands!)

SpiiderGriip® is one of a kind. We literally tried everything and then made something superior. "Maximum functionality and comfort for your phone!"®

Once you try it you won't live without it.

Griip The Freedom®

--David Britt, Co-Founder, Inventor & President