Maybe your device is perfectly fine with whatever you have on it to hold and protect. Maybe. Don’t you and your device deserve better than maybe? Here’s what you get with SpiiderGriip®:

• Sticks to phone with 3-M adhesive: It hugs your phone and means it
• Made of durable material: Built to last
• Low-profile design: Stands out without sticking out
• 360-degree rotation: Whee!
• Props up as a stand: It’s not going anywhere
• SpiiderGriip® - You can hold with one or two fingers inside the protective grips
• Allows you to use both hands freely: Feel the freedom

Other strap style devices

are low-profile … but they can’t rotate or be used as a stand.

Accordion-style devices

pop out for a grip… but they’re not too secure… and what’s supposed to keep you from dropping your phone with this thing, anyway?

Hinge- or ring-style devices

can rotate … but you can fit just one finger in the ring to hold on (and it’s not the most secure fit.

Only ONE device does it all - SpiiderGriip®!

“No more fear of slipping, dropping or breaking for this girl!”
MJ, customer review


The SpiiderGriip® griip makes this device clutch

Your phone is an extension of you. Your phone gripper should be an extension of your hand. One device feels like it’s just made for you: SpiiderGriip®.

• Secure & comfortable grip: It just feels right
• Hold with one finger (or more): It’s your call
• Allows to use both hands freely: Look mom - two hands!
• Rotates to allow you to hold things: Don’t try this with other devices

Other strap style devices

can be held with one finger … but don’t rotate to let you hold coffee, keys, panini sandwiches, etc.

Accordion-style devices

pops out for a grip … but they’re not too secure...

Hinge- or ring-style devices

rotate a little and take just one finger … but they’re not a very secure and comfortable grip, especially if your hands are full!

Only ONE device feels this natural and secure … SpiiderGriip®!

“It's comfortable and you almost forget it's there.”
CJ, customer review


You need your gripper device to stand and deliver when asked to. You’d assume most devices are up to the task. But are they?

• Props up as a stand: Stream a movie, bake a cake, navigate home … it’s your call
• 2 ways - vertical & horizontal: Sometimes you’re landscape and sometimes you’re portrait
• Lays flat to put away in pocket/purse: Strong, yet slim
• Can loop on belt, pocketbook strap, hat, fanny pack (no judgement)  … : Ready and able to hang where ever, whenever

Other strap style devices

keep a low profile … but come up flat when you need it to stand up.

Accordion-style devices

stand up horizontally only … and that’s so one-dimensional...

Hinge- or ring-style devices

can stand up horizontally and vertically … The ring can actually fold flat, but the hard material is an owie waiting to happen!

Only ONE device feels this natural and secure … SpiiderGriip®!

“Wow! The future of cell phone protection is here! This cool device griip keeps me from dropping my phone all day long!”
Charlotte, customer review


Let’s be honest: If SpiiderGriip® wasn’t also pretty, it’d be a tough sell.

Why get the latest smartphone and trendiest phone case - and strap a splinter off the ugly stick to protect it?

• Low-profile design: It’s like the wind

• Pops out and folds flat: Won’t wrestle with your pocket on the way in
• Secure, comfortable, and natural grip on your phone: It’s one with your phone
• Standard Griip - Black and white: Just classicXOXO Griip - Red: For a bold statement
• Coming soon - Neon XOXO Griips in aqua, yellow, and orange: Express yourself!

Other strap style devices

Stay flat when not in use … but it’s just a strap. Where’s the flair?

Accordion-style devices

have a decent collapsible design … but those covers pop off at the worst times...

Hinge- or ring-style devices

have metal design that changes the game a bit … but colors are limited.

Only one grip device is delightfully bold and yet confidently understated … SpiiderGriip®!

“This thing is pretty dang cool!”
Katherine B., customer review



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Griip The Freedom®

Get a handle on your mobile device with SpiiderGriip®

Americans and mobile phones go hand-in-hand

- except for when they don’t! 

Ever had to …

struggle with spiderweb cracks across your touchscreen?

shell out big bucks to fix a screen after you dropped your phone?

suck it up when you crack a screen because it costs so much too replace it?

Americans break 2 smartphone screens every second - 5,761 an hour! We spend $3.4 million every year - more than the GPD for South Sudan - to replace them. And 38% of Americans don’t bother to get them fixed. It’s just too expensive, according to 65% of Americans.*

SpiiderGriip® is the low-profile, high-performance device accessory that puts the freedom to handle and protect your phone in the palm of your hand.

*Statistics from a Statistica.com study 



“All my friends want to know where I got it!”
Susan S., customer review

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